Friday, January 27, 2012

Once Again, I Am Not Dead.

I suppose this is common amongst bloggers but for some reason I always feel apologetic when I've gone several months without a post. I feel the need to write an explanatory post about why I haven't posted. This explanatory post usually turns out to be a mountainous wall of text that no one reads I'm sure. So this time let me just say it this way...

I went through a lot of stuff.
I moved.
I have time to blog again and hope to do it regularly (again) (but I probably won't) (again).

And finally, you are going to see several posts that are dated today - these are the projects I wanted to blog about but haven't been able to until now. No I did not make my Halloween bat in January but knowing me I am not surprised that you asked. I've got a couple of things that I can't blog about until I give them out because I don't want the recipient coming across it and ruining the surprise.

All that aside... I usually like to end the apologetic explanatory post with a list of my current WIPs. These are the things you can look forward to me not having time to blog about in the future. I am currently working on my third Dead Cat Hat as well as the beautiful Amsterdam Coat by Doris Chan which I am making with camouflage yarn and am suuuuper excited about. Once I get the correct yarn I will be working on a Megaman hat for my boyfriend and I have several other project ideas in mind but once I finish these things it really all depends on what shiny new pattern shows up in my Ravelry pattern search.

Ethiopian Flag Scarf

My long time friend James requested that I make him a scarf using some yarn he'd picked out. He wanted 8 inch wide by 3 foot long panels of the colors of the Ethiopian flag. It was quite a bit of fun to churn out rows of double crochet at lightening speed. It's always good to have a mindless project you can do while you're watching tv. Although at times it seemed this scarf would go on forever. And it kinda does... he's very tall and wanted it to be long and draping.



Christmas Wine Bottle Cover

I whipped up this wine bottle cover for a bottle of wine that I got my grandmother for Christmas. As simple as it is, it got so many compliments at the Christmas party.

Granny's Wine Bottle Holder

Little Halloween Bat

My mother loved Halloween. She passed away in October a few years ago so I always visit her grave in October and I usually like to bring along a crocheted Halloween accessory to hang with the flowers. This time I chose a bat. This adorable little bat pattern by Shala was the perfect thing.

little bat

Dead Cat Hat #2

My friend's son liked the Dead Cat Hat so much that he asked me to make him one. Apparently this pattern is pretty popular because I am at this very moment working on yet a third Dead Cat Hat for my boyfriend's mother.... and strongly considering making another one for myself! They're just too cute!

Dead Cat Hat #2

We met at a restaurant for me to give him this hat and he immediately put it on. Not five minutes later our waiter commented on how awesome it was. This hat gets a lot of attention - and rightly so.

Dead Cat Hat #1

I almost died laughing when I came across this pattern at Witchy Wiche. It's absolutely adorable and has a sick twist that I love. I knew I had to make one for myself immediately. I made the eyes into X's and also added a little felt tongue to make him seem more dead.

It's surprisingly comfortable and keeps your ears warm.

Dead Cat Hat

It's even cute when it's just sitting around!

Dead Cat Hat

Super Grover Hat!

My friend came across a Grover hat that she loved but it was crazy expensive. She wanted it for her daughter JM and asked if I could make something similar. I love making hats so I jumped on it.

Here is my son Gibson modeling the hat for me before I shipped it out.