Thursday, July 31, 2008

Duster or Barcello?

I know my last post was a WIP list a mile long BUT... I found a new pattern that I can't wait to start. Don't you grumble at me! I can't help it. I like to have one big project going on in the background while I knock off the little projects. It gives me variety so I always have something to work on and when I get bored I can switch. And besides, you have seen me finish things, right?

After working on this Circle Jacket for months I can look back and say I truly enjoyed making it and that really says something to me. Doris Chan is now my crochet idol and I feel like a new world of opportunities is opening up. I always just avoided making clothes. I don't know if I thought they would be too hard or if I thought I'd never wear them. Probably a combination of both. But this Circle Jacket is gorgeous and it was so simple to follow the pattern. I really feel like I will get some use out of this and be proud when I wear it. I can't wait to show it to my grandmother!

And I think I'm actually going to miss working on it. So I have decided to make another jacket. I narrowed it down to two Doris Chan designs - not on purpose, I just love her stuff and the two things I chose happened to both be by her - the Lacy Duster and the Barcello Jacket.

I think I like the Lacy Duster best out of the two but I'd also really like to use Caron Simply Soft for that so I am going to hold off and maybe make that later. The yarn I have on hand is a bit thicker and sage green so I decided to make the Barcello Jacket. It should end up looking pretty much like the picture in the pattern. I'll need to pick up another large skein of yarn but that won't be a problem.

I think it would look good over a tight fitting long sleeve shirt, too. I can't wait to get started on it. Hopefully I can finish it in time to get some good use out of it this Fall and Winter. But don't worry, I am going to finish the Circle Jacket before I start a single stitch on the Barcello. But I may print the Barcello pattern today and just rub it on my cheek for a while. *sigh*

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