Monday, July 28, 2008

Party Gift Success! Yes!

I went to Kaden's birthday party yesterday and gave him the little monkey. He loved it! When he opened it he screamed "MONKEY!!" and bounced it around on the ground. I also gave his mom the little kitchen set I made for her. It included a scrubby dishcloth, a star dishcloth, a towel ring, and a plastic bag keeper.

I haven't had much time for crocheting in the last few days but I did manage to add some length to the arch scarf and a few rows to the sleeve of my jacket. I'll try to take some pictures of the scarf tomorrow but I am going to wait to take pictures of the jacket until I have finished the sleeve. Then it will be only one step away from completion!

I have nearly finished reading The Crochet Answer Book and I have not learned a single thing. But I'm not upset about that because it just means that I am a little better at crochet than I thought! It's still a great book to have around and I did get a few good ideas from it.

I am still looking for the perfect pattern for my next big project. I should be able to finish the scarf and jacket fairly soon and I'd like to start another large project to be working on in the background while I make several smaller projects for Christmas. I'm thinking about a shirt or possibly another jacket with the pound of green yarn I just bought.

My grandmother has requested some of the scrubby dishcloths so I will be making some of those soon and I have a few more alphabet pillows to make as well. Sounds like I need to start a WIP list!

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