Thursday, July 31, 2008

WIP Update

The last few days have been busy again and I haven't had as much time to crochet as I had hoped I would. However, I did finish the sleeve of my jacket today! Now I have to add the collar and ruffle trim and I'll be done with my first crocheted piece of clothing. Yay!

As for the rest of my WIPs, I am making steady progress on my Arch Scarf. I would say it is about two thirds of the way done. I tried to take a picture of it yesterday but my son kept sticking his hands in the shots (lol) so I will have to try again later when he's asleep.

I need to finish my Swiss Flag for the charity project and get that mailed off this month. Although I'm having trouble finding the address to mail it to. I'll have to send an email today.

I am holding off on the YoYo Tote because I might be getting a big bag of hand me down yarn from my friend (fingers crossed!) so that would give me a better color selection.

I sewed a few buttons on the In Bloom Handbag but I am really not looking forward to putting the lining in it so I am putting that off. There are so many more fun things to be doing!

I had forgotten about my Sweet Pea Shawl. I need to use up the little bit of yarn left and buy another skein to finish it off.

I have a few more small things here and there waiting to be finished, you know how that goes. But it's okay, most of them are Christmas gifts so I have plenty of time. Assuming I stop finding new patterns I want to try!

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