Monday, September 8, 2008

Candy Apple Shrug Started

Today I started the Candy Apple Shrug. It calls for a bulky yarn which I don't have because I don't really like them. So I decided to use two thinner yarns together - Caron Simply Soft in Light Country Blue and Bernat Satin Solids in Grey Mist Heather. I made a gauge swatch and ended up almost exactly at the right gauge - close enough to work anyway.

So I frogged the swatch (since I don't have enough yarn in the first place) and started the pattern. Then I noticed that the pattern said single crochet and the swatch I had done was in double crochet. Oops! So I worked another swatch in single crochet and the width was close but the height was lacking. It should be four inches square. As you can see, it's not.

So I decided to just use double crochet instead. Besides, I think since I'm using two yarns together the double crochet stitch looks better anyway. It shows the colors a little better. This pattern is incredibly simple - make a long rectangle, fold it in half and then sew the two ends up for arms leaving the middle open to wrap around your neck/shoulders. The pattern calls for it to be 80 inches long. Woo that's a lot! So far I have about 14 inches.

I love the way these two colors look together and it seems to be working up pretty fast. After all, it's just one stitch over and over. And over. I'm not so sure about how it will look from the back though, since it just wraps around and crosses over. I can't find any pictures of it from the back so when mine is finished I will be sure to include one. I think this is going to look great over a black tank top. And I just happen to have a black tank top that has one strap a little stretched out. This will be perfect for hiding it!

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