Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend Camping Trip

Here are a few pictures from our camping trip at Lake Bob Sandlin State Park in Pittsburg, Texas.

First I'll show you my nature shots. There were tons of mushrooms everywhere.

There were lots of moss covered logs and branches, too.

And there were vines and winding branches hanging over our heads.

There was a stump with all kinds of neat stuff growing on it.

As I was walking around taking these pictures of mushrooms and things, I came upon a bush with an unusual addition: a pair of panties! I took a picture of it but I will spare you the sight here. I did find it hilarious though.

Here is a picture of my son Gibson looking closely at things with me.

Here is the first frog Gibson ever touched! He blends in so well with the ground.

Here are a couple of pictures of Gibson playing in the RV. I really love the RV. It's not the newest or the fanciest but it is ours and it has everything we need. I love how everything is so tiny! I have many crochet projects planned for the RV and it's exciting to be able to make something that will be useful and appreciated.

And here he is completely passed out after a long day of running and exploring.

Here is my dad on his bike.

Here's Gibson's cousin Hally helping to put up the tent and get the fishing poles ready.

We had a really great time. I absolutely can't wait to go again, especially when Fall is here. Gibson started sneezing and got a stuffy nose yesterday so I probably won't have much time for crocheting the next few days. He doesn't feel well at all. But I have to finish Jack Sparrow by this weekend for the party so pics of that will be coming soon.

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