Sunday, October 5, 2008

Armies Progress and Some WIP Ideas

I added a few more rows to my Armies today. I am really loving this color.

I'm almost finished with my super secret baby blanket. I can't show you pictures because the person I'm giving it to may look at this blog. But as soon as she gets it, I will post some pictures. I'm so glad it's almost complete!

My boyfriend said he would like to have a pullover type vest so I finally get to crochet something for him! I'm excited but I'm having trouble finding a pattern for a man's vest. I've only found two and he didn't really like those much. I think I can modify one of them to work for him. As soon as I have the money to get to the craft store, I will let him pick out his yarn. This should be fun.

And of course, I need to get to work on some more Christmas gifts. I have some kitchen items to make and also some purses and alphabet pillows. I will probably start a pillow some time in the next week. And I will probably be making a fat bottom bag for the first time. Looking forward to that.

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