Monday, October 6, 2008

Gibson's Hat

Over the last couple of days my son has been taking toys from the toy box, placing them on his head and saying "hat". I smile and say "no, that's not a hat" as he reaches for another toy. He puts it to his head and says "hat". So okay, I guess it's time to make this boy a hat!

I looked through my collection of crochet pdf files and found the perfect little winter hat for him - the Boy's Crocheted Hat by Marty Miller, from Coats & Clark. This pattern is adorable and works up quickly. I made it this afternoon using some Red Heart Blue Camouflage yarn and an "I" hook. In fact, the very "I" hook I was taught to crochet on so many years ago when I was just eight years old.

I think I'd like to try making this one for myself in a solid color that will really show off the ridges. It's a beautiful pattern and one I'm glad to have in my inventory for I will surely be using it again. In fact, this could be a great Christmas gift for some of the boys on my list!


Ally said...


I have 3 boys and a hubby who will need a hat this winter, thanks for sharing!

Jain said...

No problem! I am making one for my boyfriend now. You will have to add a few more sections to get it to fit a man's head. I am just repeating rows 2-11 over and over until I get the right fit. And then I will have to stitch up the hole in the center. It should be done in another day or two and I will post pics.