Monday, October 20, 2008

Goodbye Apple, Hello Moon!

I've decided to give up on my Candy Apple Shrug. It was turning out very thick and I would probably never wear it. I can't find the blue yarn I need to finish it anywhere. And it was getting to be mind numbingly boring to make. So I've decided to frog it and use that beautiful grey yarn in a project all by itself and really show off the color.

So a couple of days ago I started a new project: the Half Moon Shawl using Bernat Satin Solids in Grey Mist Heather. I'm using an "I" hook instead of the "N" called for because I just can't see using an "N" hook on a yarn this small. I like my crochet to be neat and tight and not full of gappy holes, although this may cause some thickening as far as my drape is concerned. I still think once it wears a little it will be better than being all loose looking in the begining. I don't know, blame it on OCD.

In any event, here is what I've done so far. I'm sure because of the smaller hook I will end up having to do some extra repeats of the pattern to get the length I need but I think it's looking nice so far. Can't decide if I should keep this for myself or give it as a Christmas gift.

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