Thursday, October 30, 2008

Skull Baby Blanket

One of my best friends from high school, JoAnn, is expecting a baby girl soon. She works in the hospital. I'm not sure what her job title is exactly but she takes x-rays. She likes skulls and skeletons and stuff like that. As do I. So when it came time for me to make baby Jocelyn a blanket, I knew I could not just make any old baby blanket. This blanket had to be special and really, really coooooool. I knew I wanted to incorporate the skull idea somehow and a quick Google search will provide you with tons of skull charts (and other awesomeness) but I ended up using a chart that I proudly bought and paid for in the Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker book. The pattern is called "Skullholders" and they are potholders with a two tone skull on each side. Making them with my smaller yarn and hook made them the perfect size for blanket blocks, besides the fact that they were a little wider than they were tall which is okay.

I whipped up four skull blocks and then decided what else to add. I didn't want it to be all skulls unless they were different colors. I decided to add some stars next. Now if you Google for "star charts" you will end up with something very different, but worthy of bookmarking anyway because that's another extremely cool hobby. However, this is not what I need at the moment. I did a search for star crochet/knit charts (I always include the word knit in my search for charts because you find more and can use them for crochet as well) and turned up crap. So I did another search for star clip art and then I just made my own chart using a nice star image I found in that search.

To make the chart, I opened my star clip art picture in Photoshop. Then I took my handy Doane paper PDF and cut out the amount of blocks I would need using MWSnap which is a screen capture program I have used for years and love love love it! I layered the two images together in Photoshop and filled in the blocks that were touched by the star. Simple! You can get the Doane paper in JPG or PDF format from their website. Just click on Free Downloads. It comes in handy for tons of stuff, too. Four hours later I had two star blocks for the blanket.

At this point I began to lay the blocks out and decide how I'd like to arrange them. With the final placement I chose, I only needed two star blocks. All that was left now was to fill in the gaps with simple single crochet blocks in a variegated yarn.

After finishing all the blocks, I joined them with single crochet and began a double crochet border of four rows. The skull and star blocks took about two hours each to make and the variegated blocks took about an hour. The border probably took me... oh... maybe three hours? So this was almost a 24 hour project. Of course, I have a two year old so this 24 hours was done an hour here and an hour there. I started this project on August 26th! I made some of the blocks while on camping trips. But I couldn't blog about it until JoAnn got it because I didn't want her to see it. Now that she's got it, I can show it to you.

I used a 4mm "G" hook (because I have three different sized "G" hooks, what is up with that? lol) and three colors of Bernat Softee Baby yarn: White, Soft Lilac, and Pink Parade. These are the same colors that I used to make a star baby blanket for my - I always want to call her a cousin but she's not actually my cousin, she's my great aunt's grand daughter so I have no idea what she is to me - Alicia who had a baby girl named Harley just a few months ago.

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The Frizzy Hooker said...

These are great. I may go out and buy the book