Friday, November 14, 2008

Handbag Complete... Well Mostly

I finished my purse yesterday, except for one little detail. I still want to embroider a little skull on the front. I'm going out to dinner tomorrow so I'll try to do it before then. I made a few mistakes and learned a lot while making this purse. Luckily, the mistakes I made were ones that affect the appearance only and shouldn't be problems structurally. That won't matter much since I'm keeping this one for myself but now I know a few things to pay attention to when I make one for someone else. Here's how it turned out!

As you can see, all my stuff fits perfectly which is good because the lack of extra room will keep me from amassing more and more stuff as I go along! The red zippered bag holds a diaper, wipes, powder, and a brush for my son. Then I have my wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, a ton of pictures, two sets of keys (OCD dictates that they be separated by frequency of use), my Buffy the Vampire Slayer pocket mirror, some Aquafina lip balm, a hair clip and hair bands, a picture my son drew to give to my dad tomorrow, tissues, a few important papers, guitar pick, Visene, two pens because for some reason I always end up with more than one, and some Hot Wheels cars to keep my son busy at restaurants. How did I get all that stuff in there?

EDIT: I found another picture that shows the lining better.


futuregirl said...

I totally love this handbag! I'm a huge sucker for stripes and the grey and black is my absolute favorite. :)

I love the fancy handles. I've never gotten around to trying any out. Yours look great. Well done!

Kitten Muffin said...

What a gorgeous bag! I hope I can get to this level of crochet eventually. I'm such a beginner!

RecycleCindy said...

Your bag looks great. I want to crochet a bag and use the bamboo handles myself but wonder how you like attaching them. Did you attach them to the lining so the crochet strap wouldn't stretch too much?

Jain said...

I should have attached them with fabric to the lining so they wouldn't stretch but I thought of that a little too late. I made test strips crocheting both length and width wise and found that it stretched less if I did it length wise. So I chained about 20 and did three rows of single crochet (four times), then put those pieces through the loops and sewed them on.

I try to be careful with it but it seems pretty sturdy so far. Next time though, I will use fabric. I love the bamboo handles though, they are really comfy and light weight. Thanks for commenting!

Debbi-a1 said...

Love the bag! I went back to my crochet purse because I was using a regular purse so if I needed the extra space for extra things, but extra things seemed to stay in there and it was heavy. I still had a hard time seeing how you got all that stuff in there LOL. But glad you did!