Sunday, November 9, 2008

Handbag Just For Me

This afternoon I started a handbag for myself. I'm using an I hook and some Red Heart yarn that long ago lost their labels. The colors are black and grey. I was inspired by this beautiful purse by Futuregirl. I've made the flat bottom already and lined it with my ultra cute skull and flames fabric. Then I'm going to make the rest of the purse in a tube shape so I can easily get my hand in to line the bottom of the sides. Then I'll connect the tube to the bottom and add the handles. This probably won't make much sense to you until you see the pictures. I know this is an unusual way to do a lining but I'm not so great with my sewing machine yet and I'm pretty sure it will be functional so I'm giving it a try.

Here you can see the begining of the striped bag, the black bottom piece, the lining fabric, the handles, and my hook...

And here you can see the flat bottom piece already lined...

If you look at the corner you will notice the word "Designed" which is a part of the fabric you're not supposed to use, haha, but this is part of a fabric remnant that is just barely big enough to use so I am not wasting a thing. But it won't be noticable way down at the bottom of my cluttered purse, trust me!

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