Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Nerdcore Tribute

Since the moment I heard of MC Frontalot, I have been bopping around the house rapping about spam, old video games, and Star Wars conventions. Finding Nerdcore has truly been a revival for my interest in music, which wanes frequently because of the nature of my home - a home I share with a musician and a radio exec among others. We run a radio station out of our home for goodness sake! So music is always playing. Most people listen to music to relax, my relaxing means getting away from music for a while. But I just don't get tired of "I Hate Your Blog" or "Yellow Lasers". So, at the suggestion of my friend Scott, I have begun my newest project... an amigurumi Front.

I have tons of ideas for props to make for him. He will definitely have a microphone. I'm not sure yet how I'll fashion his glasses but most likely they will be felt. I've made much progress since these pictures were taken. He's got a body, waist, and half a leg now.

Here are the arms and the beginning of the head...

And here is the head...

As you can see in the photo, I am adapting the pattern "Punk Bunny" from the book "Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute" by Elisabeth Doherty. I'm considering sending the finished product to MC Frontalot along with a letter of my appreciation of his music. I don't know what he would do with a doll of himself but whatever he does with it will probably be better than what I might do with it if I were to keep it for myself!!

EDIT: Here's the progress I've made today. As you can see, he even has little socks! I'm going to lengthen his pants of course. They're just a little short because the grey yarn is thinner than the others.

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