Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cable Scarf

I finished the Crochet Cable Scarf that I started a while back. It's for my boyfriend's brother and he likes his scarves to be long, as do I. When I ran out of the first skein of yarn it looked to be about half as long as I wanted it and I thought that two skeins would be perfect. I just worked the pattern until I ran out of yarn. When I looked up, this scarf was a monstrous 88 inches long! If you wrap it around your neck it looks just fine but when it's just hanging in your hands it seems huge. I can easily shorten it if he wants, we'll see what he thinks when I see him on Monday.

I did enjoy the pattern and will probably make more in the future. I'd love to make one where the diamonds and stripes are a different color, maybe pink and grey. I used Caron Simply Soft Eco in Forest Floor and an I hook.

After the first skein...

This is finished but folded in half!

And a couple of close ups...

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