Monday, December 1, 2008

Darla's Handbag

My aunt requested that I make a handbag for her sister for Christmas this year. I started the handbag about a week ago and finished the crocheting this morning. Her favorite color is green so I have incorporated some green stripes and I'm supposed to add a rose on there somewhere. I'm going to make a removable rose pin.

I had the most beautiful fabric remnant in mind for the lining of this project. It's green with gold designs and it's very soft and shiny.

But when I unfolded the roll I got a few surprises! First, I realized that I had more than enough fabric to line the bag and make a pocket or two - a good surprise. Then I realized that the fabric was not only green with gold designs but it also faded to black and had a beautiful band design across each edge...

This is just gorgeous but doesn't go well with my handbag at all. And as another surprise I noticed that the back of the fabric is a beautiful gold with black.

So... I'm not sure whether to use this fabric on the handbag or save it for something else and try to find another matching fabric for the bag. This is why I love to buy fabric remnants. You really never know what you're going to get!

I'm going to try to make another trip to the craft store before Christmas so for now I am putting this project on hold until I can get there and see what kinds of fabric choices I have.

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