Friday, January 23, 2009

Yummy New Yarn

Last week my boyfriend surprised me by handing me his credit card and saying I could buy some really nice yarn for the first time in my life. My eyes glazed over at the thought of what could be gliding across my hook. Before he'd even realized the card had left his hand, I was on Etsy narrowing down my choices. Four hours later (yes, I narrowed for four hours) I had decided on my three precious skeins of awesomeness.

I felt bad about the prices. I got great deals, don't get me wrong. But, before this, the most expensive yarn I'd ever bought was Bernat Satin at around three and a half dollars a pop. These yarns were in the double digits! But they were great prices compared to what most people were charging for similar stuff and, after the last two years I've had, I thought I deserved a little treat. Once my packages arrived and I opened up the boxes, I did not feel bad any more!

Yummy Yarn Number One:
Gossamer Silk Lace from The Fiber Denn
Color: Hematite

This is the most gorgeous color in the world. It's much smaller than I realized it would be. The day after I bought it, they put up a picture of it next to a coin for size reference and I had a bit of a d'oh moment but that's ok, it was my first time buying this stuff. I am still quite happy with my purchase, just completely at a loss as to what to make with it just yet. But it can just sit there and look pretty until I find the perfect pattern.

Yummy Yarn Number Two:
Hand Dyed Merino/Silk Blend Sock Yarn from Chrysalis Fibers
Color: Citrus Squeeze

I got some orange purse handles for Christmas and my first thought was to make a purse with this but I'm not sure there is enough there. Just as well, I can always make some socks or fingerless gloves or something. It's just so pretty I can't decide whether to start making something right now or just stare at it for a while!

Yummy Yarn Number Three:
Hand Dyed Peruvian Highland Wool also from Chrysalis Fibers
Color: Lilypad

This is definitely my favorite. If I thought I could do it without getting hair on my tongue, I would eat this yarn. Look at those colors! Don't you just want to touch it? You do, I can tell. I'm pretty sure I'll be making socks out of this. The only thing I'm not sure about is the fuzziness on my toes. I'll have to rub my feet on it and see what I think. As far as I'm concerned this yarn can be whatever it wants to be and I may have to wait a while for it to tell me and that's just fine. As long as I can fight off the urge to just unravel it and roll around in it. It makes me want to be some kind of small animal so I can nest in it. Do I have problems? Nah.

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