Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gloves and a Hat

My boyfriend's brother wanted a pair of fingerless gloves and after searching for a pattern that wasn't too bulky or too girly (there are a lot of those out there!) I came across a great pattern from Julia V on Crochet Me. They have some texture but they're not bulky and they are great for a man or a woman. For these gloves I used Caron Simply Soft Eco in Black and an I hook. My boyfriend and his brother have similar hand sizes so I tried them on my boyfriend as I went along. Because they are worked in the round and each made exactly the same, there was a little discrepency on the palm area conscerning how far the end of the glove came down past the palm. So I went one more half row to make them even and then stitched a little "L" in the left one and an "R" in the right. I'll be mailing them out with a Valentine's Day package, hopefully tomorrow.

My boyfriend was kind enough to stop recording long enough to model these for me - thanks for all your help in making these honey!

Also in this Valentine package will be a hat for his girlfriend who likes bears even though they are the number one threat to this great nation!! I started out working from a pattern but I didn't have enough yarn for it so I started over and made this one up. The hardest part is getting the ears sewn on evenly. I also found my foam head today so once I get it painted you won't have to look at my hat modeling faces anymore! Woo hoo! This was made using Caron Simply Soft Eco in Ocean and an I hook. I really love this color.


renee said...

Adorable hat! And I love, love, love your name. I've always loved the name Jane and wondered why no one ever spells it Jain. Great looking mitts too. I'm currently making some myself.

Jain said...

Thank you! These gloves are great, they're so quick and easy to make. Send me a pic when you're done, I'd love to see them.