Monday, March 2, 2009

Dragonfly Shawl

Remember the yummy yarn I bought and had no idea what to make with it?

Well I think I'm going to make the Dragonfly Shawl from Interweave. But with this being a pretty advanced looking pattern, I thought I would do a practice run with some crazy purple thread that I have around. It's been smooth sailing so far but of course I'm only on Row 6. I have never done Soloman's Knot before and I heard it takes practice to get them even so maybe after making this one I'll have it down for the grey one. That is, if I get through the first one without giving up or messing up and if I can stand to make a second one! Usually I can't but this is just such an awesome looking pattern and it's a project that I plan to have around for a while anyway, doing a little at a time.

Here's what I've got so far:


Ninya on ravelry said...

Its very simple to do the SMK just dont try to think about having the SMK the same size all the time have fun making it. I'm a third way finished mine and as soon as I stopped thinking about it it flowed very nice. Also don't hesitate to take out mistakes.

Jain said...

Thanks for the advice! I've put this project on hold because I just have to be in a mood to work with something this small. But I do want to get back to it someday. Yours looks great, I checked it out on Ravelry.