Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello Kitty Purse

Also this month is my cousin's daughter's birthday so I am making her a little Hello Kitty purse. This is the front panel with Hello Kitty's face.

The back panel is solid pink and the sides, bottom, and strap are in one big piece that I will sew together some time next week. Then I'll stitch the eyes and nose on and make a little bow for her ear. I used an I hook and some pink and white stash yarn that had no labels. I washed it in conditioner to soften it up and although it didn't soften as much as I would have liked it certainly smells nice.

I'm not sure what fabric to line this with yet but I have a couple of cute choices including some fuzzy pink fabric that I have been dying to use. But she has been known to keep important things like chicken nuggets in her purse so maybe fuzzy isn't the best idea? I'll have to decide later.

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