Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Knot a Crochet Project But...

After stopping by Stormdrane's Blog I knew I needed to give knotting a try. He makes some of the most awesome stuff and once I saw those paracord bracelets I realized I finally had a shot at making something handmade for the boys and men on my Christmas list. It's so hard to crochet for men, especially men who live in Texas and don't need scarves or gloves for more than three days a year. So when my grandmother offered to buy me some yarn I asked if she would pick up a bit of cord as well. I knew she wouldn't be able to find the really cool paracord at the store she was going to but I just needed something to test it out with anyway. She brought back some tan craft cord that was a bit smaller than I was expecting but still ended up working out.

I took a clasp and keyring off a lanyard I had never used (I have a few Jagermeister lanyards that I got back in Jason's touring days and they're still wrapped even - perfect!) and set to work figuring out the lanyard knot. Then I gave up on the lanyard knot and moved on! I think it was a combination of tiny cord and really long ends to deal with versus the short piece of cord in the tutorial video. I just could not make it look right although I know I was close.

So I skipped the lanyard knot and moved on to the cobra stitch. I had a little trouble with my first two attempts but once I found this video I got it down in a flash. It was surprisingly enjoyable and I felt pretty proud of myself for figuring it out. I know that I should have been a bit more careful of my placement when going back over it to make the king cobra stitch part but the cord was so small that I really had a hard time telling where it should have gone anyway. So I just knotted along until I had this:

Here my background was too dark but I think you can see the stitches better and it's closer to the true color.

Both my brother and dad have birthdays coming up (and me too!) and this color of cord should go well with my brother's Army uniform. I plan to make him a keychain as well but I'll need to figure out a way to cover some of the extra space at the clasp end. I'm sure I will end up buying some paracord before Christmas and make stuff for all the boys.


Salihan said...

I found your blog through Futuregirl. Thank you for introducing me to knotting! I've not seen anything like it before and you're right, it'll be absolutely perfect for men. Did you buy a book to learn to knot? Which book are you using? -

Jain said...

I used Stormdrane's blog (link in post above) and some YouTube tutorials to learn what I needed for that keychain. I don't have any books yet but I do plan to take a trip to the library next week. It's really a lot of fun!