Friday, March 13, 2009

Ugly Green Yarn Chronicles

A while back on the 2009 Stashbusting CAL at Crochetville, a very nice woman named Marzee got some "ugly green yarn" in an eBay lot and offered to send it to anyone crazy enough to enjoy pea and avocado greens. I almost broke my finger replying to her post as quickly as I could and that speed paid off because she sent it to me! I was so excited to get yarn, not only free but in these hideously beautiful colors that for some reason I love so much. She sent me two skeins and seven balls which I combined with a few skeins of various greens I already had and then sat down to decide what to make. The first thing that came to mind was a jacket since I can never get enough of those. It needed to be something funky, from the 70's or something. Ripples came to mind. Then I remembered in my Ravelry queue the really cool striped hooded jacket.

I was really surprised once I looked at the pattern and realized the unusual way this jacket comes together. I mean how many jacket patterns begin with "chain 298"? It's basically made in rectangular sections beginning with a long strip that goes up one side, over your head for the hood, and back down the other side. Think about hanging a scarf over the top of your head and that's what the first 20 rows looks like. From there you work the sides around to meet in the back and seam up the middle. Pretty awesome and it works up really fast. I started this on Tuesday and I have a two year old to keep up with!

It was too long to fit in a picture all flattened out but the long scarf looking strip you see folded below is the hood and the other side of the jacket that I haven't started yet. The big rectangle is the side, the U shaped hole is the arm hole shaping, and the very top is the beginning of the back.

As you can see here, I started out with some Caron One Pound in Taupe. It's really brown but it looked a little green as well. That is until I put it up against the rest of the greens. But it still looks cool in there and I'll probably buy more and carry it through the rest of the jacket. I will definitely need to buy more yarn to finish this.

I also added some greens that, once again, looked more green until I put them against the other greens and then they looked more blue green. They look pretty blue in this picture but I just can't seem to get good lighting in this house and it rained all day so no sunlight. The true color is not quite so blue but still a bit of a shock to the system if you will.

I still think they all go together pretty well and I bet once it's finished it won't look half bad. If you like weird 70's thrift store type junky fashion, which I do. Once in a while you just need to wear something funky! I think I may add a zipper to the front instead of the belt tie because I never use those and don't really like how they look. Or I may possibly add some of my vintage buttons. I am thoroughly enjoying this project and can seriously see myself making more of these jackets, the pattern is so easy and fun. Hopefully the fit will agree with me.

Thanks so much to Marzee (who is probably rubbing her eyes in horror) without whom this horrendously green jacket would not be possible.


Marzee said...

Looking pretty good, Jain! I see the yarn I sent there - neat. Too bad you have to buy more. Check the thrift stores first.


Mandii said...

Awesome project! Too bad you beat me to the yarn, but now I can't imagine it in anything else but this jacket!