Monday, March 2, 2009

WIP List

Once in a while I like to make a post about my WIPs. It helps me keep things straight in my mind - what I need to work on, what I need to buy, what I'd like to start soon. So here is my WIP list. Items marked with an * need to be completed soon because they've been on the list too long.

Current Projects

Hello Kitty Purse - almost done, due March 29
Dragonfly Shawl - barely started but not in a rush
Men's Vest* - about halfway done
Seraphina Shawl* - about 2/3rds done
Lattice Hat - ran out of yarn, have to get back to the store
Save the Children Hats* - going to fill the box before I mail them out
Ridge Swing Cardigan - ran out of yarn, have to get back to the store
Scrap Ripple Afghan - this one will be around a while
MC Frontalot Amigurumi - just adding details now but going to take my time with it
Rag Rug* - think I have the right hook now but I haven't even looked at this in a while
Half Moon Shawl - pretty sure I'm going to frog this
Armies* - I've got one glove done, just finish the other one already!
Sweet Pea Shawl - don't know whether to frog this or just forget it, it's so boring

Future Projects

? - birthday gift for my cousin, due March 29
Flames Purse - gotta get red, orange, yellow yarn
Socks - probably make a test pair before using my nice yarn
Purse - for my new black handles

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