Friday, April 10, 2009

Bathing Suit Cover Up

I'm really making progress on my bathing suit cover up. The pattern is Long Crocheted Cardigan from DROPS Design. I've got the entire back piece finished and have started one side. This picture is from this morning when the back was almost complete.

Now let's play spot the error. Yes, I've already messed up. But I noticed it too late (just after taking this picture) and didn't want to frog seven rows back to fix it. You see the two rows of open squares just below the top section of chain loops? There should only be one row of open squares, like the first two pattern repeats below. I accidentally repeated the squares section befeore going on to the chain loops. But this is a happy mistake! When I finished the back it turns out that this mistake was exactly in the middle so everything is still symetrical AND it adds a little length which is always good in my book. I just have to remember to add that little mistake into the two side panels as I'm making them and everything will be fine and no one will ever know. Except you guys.

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