Friday, April 10, 2009

Granny Square Blankets

I have always steered clear of granny squares. Sure, it was one of the first things I ever learned to crochet and you can make anything with a granny square. Blankets, slippers, shirts, purses, pillows. But for a long time the granny square meant old, tired, cliched crochet to me and I was determined to do anything but. One of the main complaints I had against granny squares was the memory of cuddling up in an afghan that my grandmother made, being so warm and comfy until my big toe popped out of one of the many holes. And being a sufferer of OCPD I simply could not stand that. I much prefer a full, flat fabric of crochet with no holes, especialy when it comes to things that will be near my toes.

Once in a while I would come across a pattern using granny squares that I thought I might like to make but it was never enough to really spark me into action. Until I saw a really pretty blanket made with shades of colors radiating out from the center. I can't find the link to it now but I really had the urge to make one as soon as I saw it. I happened to be finishing up my Horrendously Green Jacket at the time and I had four shades of green yarn leftover that would be perfect for a blanket like this.

The truth is, when I saw this blanket I got the itch to make one and make one fast. My in-laws were visiting about the time I saw this and they brought me two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn in "Disco" which is black, purple, and teal. I wasn't quite finished with my Horrendously Green Jacket and I couldn't wait to start this project so I started it with the Disco Homespun. Two skeins of this yarn should be just enough to make a little blanket for my son who has practically claimed it as his own once he saw me making it. So the Disco blanket will be for my son. I am almost halfway through with the yarn I have. Here is a picture of that one, sorry it's so dark.

Once I finished my Horrendously Green Jacket, I began another granny square blanket using the leftover yarn from that. I started with a small ball of black Red Heart Super Saver that I had from a long time ago. Next I added the remains of the Red Heart in Dark Sage, Med Thyme, Light Sage, and Frosty Green. I've run out of yarn now so I'll be going to the store soon to get more because it's not very big.

I am enjoying making these blankets and I think they will have many happy years of use. But I also think that once I've finished these, I will probably have had my fill of granny squares for a while.

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