Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outta Chocolate

A few days ago I started the Outta Sight by Doris Chan from the book Everyday Crochet. When I hit row two of this project I messed up and had to put it away for a while because my son was completely distracting me. But I sat down to tackle it again today and got all the way down past the join at the armpit and it was all easy going. I will be working in the pattern repeat for most of the rest of the jacket, with an increase here and there. I really love the way Doris Chan's patterns are written. Once you have done a few rows you just "get" what she's doing and the rest just flies by. And her top down seamless construction is a total godsend to me because I also hate seaming with a passion. I would say that I can already see myself making this jacket again but there are so many other wonderful Doris Chan patterns out there on my to do list that I will be realistic and say it will be a while before I get around to doing this in fading shades of green as I originally planned.

I've wanted to make this for some time and I planned to do it in shades like the one in the book. But I was at the store and picked up a few skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco in Chocolate. I completely forgot to get shades of green or blue like I had planned for this project all along. But when I got home I decided to go ahead and make it with the brown because that would match more of my clothes anyway and I couldn't wait to start it to be quite honest. I'm really excited about the way it's turning out! I plan to make it long sleeved and possibly add a hood.

The picture below is how far I got with my first skein...

I'm having to use a K hook to obtain gauge and that's a little upsetting to me. I know it shouldn't matter but it just seems like too big a hook to use with the yarn I'm using. It hasn't been as upsetting to work with as I expected at first but I still sometimes wish my gauge wasn't always smaller than the pattern. I guess I just crochet tight and have to get used to it. In any event, it's turning out wonderfully and I think once it's done and blocked and put against a solid color shirt it will look wonderful. I really like this yarn, wish it came in more colors.

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