Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer Troubles

A few days ago I am at a birthday party talking to my cousin. She tells me of the fun she had with her children at Surf N Swim last year and invites me to come along with her once the weather heats up. My son is two years old and has never been in a pool so this year would be a great time to introduce him to the water. I tell her I will come along and just like that my thoughts have turned to summer. I am now in a panic - I have to start getting ready! I haven't been in a bathing suit in about three years. I am, and have always been, pale as a blank sheet of paper. Since the last time I put on a bathing suit I have both given birth to a child and began a love affair with beer. Not to mention the fact that tomorrow I turn 30! Needless to say my tummy is not the flat little thing it used to be.

I have inherrited several bathing suits from my mother and simultaneously I became her exact size so I am pretty sure I will have a suit to wear. What I will look like in that suit is anyone's guess. I'm pretty sure as soon as my birthday celebratory drinking is over, it will be time for me to cut back and maybe start doing some sit ups. I refuse to spend money on a tanning machine so everyone at Surf N Swim will just have to avert their eyes to my awesome paleness but I will at least attempt to do something about my beer belly.

As an act of precaution I have decided to crochet myself a bathing suit cover up. I bought a cone of white cotton yarn last night and picked out a really cute pattern. I am forcing myself to finish another project before I begin this one but I have had an acute case of startitis lately and cannot guarantee that I won't give in and just start it. Besides, it's almost my birthday and I'm working on two blankets (winter much?) versus a bathing suit cover up. What would be more likely to be used and needed at present? You see how I'm rationalizing this to myself? You know this means I will probably start it tonight and forget the blankets. It's ok, things get done eventually around here.

As far as the pattern goes, I think it will work well in white cotton. It has a knitted button band but I was planning on dropping that part off even before I saw it was knitted (and I can't knit). I will probably do a few rows of single crochet instead and I'm not sure yet whether I will be adding buttons or just let it hang open. I'll have to look through my vintage button box and see if anything fits the bill. I'm excited. It's so much fun to find a project that looks like fun to make and will also be useful. Living in Texas I don't get much opportunity to use the shawls, scarves, and fingerless gloves that I find so much fun to make but a bathing suit cover up will be a practical way to show off my skills and have a garment that is unique, not to mention distracting people from my beer belly! Pictures to come soon. Of the started project, not the beer belly.

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