Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amsterdam Coat - Update 1

Last Sunday I started the Amsterdam Coat by Doris Chan. This is a free pattern available through I'm using some Red Heart yarn - I know, I know. But the color (Earth and Sky) was just too awesome and I had to try it. I bet it will soften up with a wash or two.

This jacket is just flying off the hook. The pattern is very simple and quick to work up. In just four days I am almost ready to add sleeves and be done! I love all of Doris Chan's patterns but I think if you are looking for a good one to start with, this might be it. It seems to be the easiest of the four Doris Chan jackets I have made so far. (By the way, next on my list is the Lacy Duster I've had my eye on forever)

Here is a picture of the neck shaping.

Sorry about the burst of sunlight down the middle, I took a million pictures trying to get the light right but as you know this is a perpetual problem for me.

I don't know how I can have a light on, a lamp on, a flash on my camera and still end up with dark pictures like this but this is a picture taken just after making the band and starting the "skirt".

As of right now I have used three skeins of yarn and I'm almost finished with the skirt section - about four more rows unless I want to add some length. I also added two rows to the body but I didn't want to add too much because it will gain a lot in blocking.

I'm taking a break from it tonight to work on an old hibernating project and give my hands a change of scenery but it should be finished quickly.


Doris said...

Brava, Jain! Loved your long Outta Chocolate coat, too.

Jain said...

Thank you so much! I love your patterns.