Friday, January 27, 2012

Once Again, I Am Not Dead.

I suppose this is common amongst bloggers but for some reason I always feel apologetic when I've gone several months without a post. I feel the need to write an explanatory post about why I haven't posted. This explanatory post usually turns out to be a mountainous wall of text that no one reads I'm sure. So this time let me just say it this way...

I went through a lot of stuff.
I moved.
I have time to blog again and hope to do it regularly (again) (but I probably won't) (again).

And finally, you are going to see several posts that are dated today - these are the projects I wanted to blog about but haven't been able to until now. No I did not make my Halloween bat in January but knowing me I am not surprised that you asked. I've got a couple of things that I can't blog about until I give them out because I don't want the recipient coming across it and ruining the surprise.

All that aside... I usually like to end the apologetic explanatory post with a list of my current WIPs. These are the things you can look forward to me not having time to blog about in the future. I am currently working on my third Dead Cat Hat as well as the beautiful Amsterdam Coat by Doris Chan which I am making with camouflage yarn and am suuuuper excited about. Once I get the correct yarn I will be working on a Megaman hat for my boyfriend and I have several other project ideas in mind but once I finish these things it really all depends on what shiny new pattern shows up in my Ravelry pattern search.

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