Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Wow it's been almost a year since I have posted on this blog! I haven't done much crocheting in the last year. Made a few Christmas / birthday gifts for people, that's about it. I just picked up some yarn a couple days ago to make a seat belt cover for my son who just outgrew his car seat and had to get a new booster car seat.

I've recently moved from Texas to Arkansas so that has been what's keeping me busy for the last few weeks. Packing, moving, unpacking, dividing things up to go in the house / garage / storage unit. I've been here two weeks and I am still not done. But I did take a few days off to work on our Halloween costumes.

This year I decided to let my son pick what costumes we would wear and he chose for us all to be cats. For him I got a tail and ears on a headband from the Halloween store and for myself and my boyfriend I made the ears and tail from scratch. I hit my *new* local JoAnn store and made a b line for the remnants because I am completely addicted to them. I hoped I'd find some furry fabric but I really didn't expect that I would. This store has only been open about a month so I wasn't even sure if they'd had time to build up much of a remnants section at all. To my surprise there was a giant chunk of beautiful black fur fabric in the remnants section AND it was half off! I also found some really cute wrist cuffs already made with fur and feathers and I just had to have them.

I already had some nice slightly furry pink fabric to use for the inside of the ears so when I got home I simply gathered my supplies and followed the Loveless Ritsuka Ear Tutorial by exailious that I found on DeviantArt. I spent a few days looking for ear making tutorials and this one I thought was really excellent. It's quite easy to follow and there is plenty of room for personalization. I especially like that these ears are not attached to a headband. I want them to blend into my hair and look as natural as possible at the same time leaving me free to do whatever hair style I choose without having a headband in the way. He uses large bobby pins to attach his ears but I am going to first try some large metal clips - you know the old school kind that you bend in half to open and they always hurt when they snap down on your head? I found some really big ones today at WalMart and tomorrow I will attempt to hot glue them to the ears and see how it works.

I also made some furry boot covers using this tutorial from I have always wanted a pair of furry boot covers and after trying on the finished product I have to guess that I will be wearing these on occassions other than Halloween. They are just too cute!

With what was left of the fur i took one very long strip and cut it in half to make two tails of equal length. I sewed the edges together to form a tube and folded the end into a slight point. I considered stuffing the tails with cotton but after a short search for my batting I gave up, thinking it must have been put into storage or lost in the garage during the move. But after seeing the finished product I think I like the tail unstuffed and floppy. I haven't yet decided if I will string invisible thread or fishing line through the tail to allow for movement.

I spent many days scouring the internet for ideas on how to do my makeup. I didn't want full faced all out Cats The Musical type of cat makeup although I did find this video on YouTube by geosfera extremely enjoyable to watch. I don't think I will take the time to do this beautiful makeup idea by stephbusta but I do love the way she did the nose and I wanted to include a link to this video because her makeup is absolutely gorgeous and she has many other great videos about makeup styles.

Now if you happen to know me you know that I do not wear makeup. I am not very girly and I don't have anything more than the basics as far as makeup in concerned. I really only wear it about twice a year. But during my makeup tip search I came across Michelle Phan's YouTube channel and I swear this woman is a goddess. I must have spent 3 hours watching her videos and I don't even like makeup! She makes me want to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on brushes and eye shadows and start wearing makeup every day. She has tons of amazing tutorials not only for Halloween type makeup but also for every day styles, special occasions, glam, clubbing, parties, you name it.

So I have my ears, tail, cuffs, boot covers, and some really great ideas on how to do my makeup. The last step was to hit WalMart again and pick up a corset, petticoat, frilly boy shorts, and long sparkly eyelashes. It just occurs to me now as I type this that I do not have any nail polish so I may pick some up. From BigLots I got a large collar and from JoAnn's I got a large jingle bell. I think I'm pretty much set! I can't wait to put all of this together! I'll post some pics when it's finished.